Professional gifts for the Day of the Constitution of the Russian Government

Professional gifts for the Day of the Constitution of the Russian Government

On this day, December 12, 1993, the Constitution of the Russian Federation was adopted by a Referendum and has been the legal foundation for the country ever since.

Today is Constitution Day in Russia!

It always makes me laugh when I listen to the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin worshippers defend leaving Health Care the way it is by saying things like, We dont want no socialism like they have over in Russia. They also say things like Government, keep your hands off my Medicare, but that is less germane to talking about Russia, which is, of course, a constitutional democracy, with elected officials who run the country. This always blows people away for some reason.

The current Russian Constitution is the second of the countrys turbulent history, and replaced the Soviet Constitution dating back to 1918. There was an attempt back in 1825 to get a Constitution, known as The Decembrist Uprising, in which a number of well-born nobles were upset when Alexander I died and named as his successor his younger brother Nicholas and not the elder, Constantine. Nicholas was known to be a conservative, while Constantine favored adopting measures to make Russia a less authoritarian country. Unbeknownst to the populace, Constantine had also renounced his claim to the throne when he made a morganatic marriage to a woman of common birth who did not meet the rigid criteria for Russian royal brides.

The nobles and officers leading the uprising rallied 3000 supporters near the building of the Russian Senate on December 14 (December 26 New Style) and called for Constantine and a Constitution! which in Russian sounds like Constantin i Constitutsia, and many of the regular soldiers thought that Constitutsia was Constantines morganatic wife. The rebellion was crushed and its leaders, many of whom were close personal friends of the poet Alexander Pushkin, were exiled to Siberia. Many of their wives bravely left St. Petersburg to accompany them into brutal years of depravity and primitive conditions. The Decembrist Wives as they were known, were much admired and set, if you dont mind me mentioning it, the bar rather high for what is considered acceptable loyalty in a Russian wife.

To get back to Russias present day situation, however, the Constitution is doing very well. It consists of 9 Chapters, a preamble and concluding and transitional documents. All Russian presidents swear the oath of office by placing on hand on the Constitution and the original copy is kept in the Kremlin Library.

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