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What size are your miniature cartridges? I can't get over to RU to buy a miniature pistol but I wondered if your cartridges will fit my Kolibri 2.7mm and if you post those? Kind regards, Kayley

09.12.2012  |  Kayley  |  reply specialist

I recently bought a miniature from Russia it was sent it pieces between two parcels can you guys do the same?

02.10.2012  |  Steve  |  reply specialist

Hello, Doe's the 1:4 scale AK-47 use the MP-4 rounds? and Do you have one of the Ak's for sale? Also what is the price of the AK-47 and extra rounds? Kind regards. Simon Roy. United Kingdom.

25.09.2012  |  Simon Roy  |  reply specialist

Questions about the C96 Mauser How many cartridges come with it? What accessories come with it? Do you accept paypal?

27.05.2012  |  Andrew  |  reply specialist

Does the C96 Mauser come with any live or dummy ammunition? What is the cost of the 9MM Parabellum Luger?

16.05.2012  |  Andrew  |  reply specialist


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