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miniature of Makarov's pistol (Scale 1:2,5)
miniature of Makarov's pistol (Scale 1:2,5)

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Pistol Makarova

Self-loading pistol, designed by the Soviet designer Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov in 1948. PM from 1951 to this day serves as a personal weapon in the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement agencies. Production of PM was established in Izhevsk in 1949 and lasted more than 50 years. Only in the USSR during that time was released more than 2 million copies. By the Soviet Army, the Interior Ministry and the security organs Makarov pistol, or PM, was adopted in 1951. Now the PM is in service in 12 countries, including the former socialist countries, China as well as developing countries. Dining PM produced in the GDR, China, Yugoslavia. In the Russian army to replace the "Makarov" is gradually coming gun Yarygin , PM and other new models of pistols, but on currently PM continues to remain in service.

A miniature model of the Makarov pistol (PM) in scale 1: 2,5 Length - 72 mm. Width - 18 mm. height - 55 mm. Gauge - 2,8 mm. Shots with rounds of MP-4 Content: Bronze, plastic. Treatment: Casting, locksmithing, nickel plating.

The model belongs to constructively similar products with weapons. Intended for use as souvenirs, gifts or collectibles.

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