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The operating miniature models of fire-arms in scale 1:2

miniature of Stechkin APS (Scale 1:2)
miniature of Stechkin APS (Scale 1:2)

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Stechkin APS

The Stechkin automatic pistol was originally chambered for 7.62×25mm Tokarev. Stechkin changed the pistol to the 9 mm caliber used in the new Makarov pistol (PM), as it became clear that this cartridge was set to become the new service ammunition for handguns of the Soviet Army. In 1951, both the Makarov and Stechkin were introduced into the Soviet military arsenal, replacing the aging Tokarev pistol (TT-33). They have little in common except for the simple unlocked blow-back mechanism.

In contrast to the Makarov, the Stechkin has an automatic fire mode, which is selected using the safety lever. In burst or automatic fire, the pistol should be fitted with the wooden or metal shoulder stock; otherwise, the weapon becomes difficult to control.

Miniature of Stechkin APS (scale 1:2)
Length - 115 mm.
Barrel length - 72,5 mm.
Width 19 mm.
Height 80 mm.
Caliber 2,8 mm.
Capacity - 5

Stechkin APS fires MP-7 ammunition.

Metal: weapon steel
Processing: locksmithing work, bluing.

The operating miniature models of fire-arms in scale 1:2:

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