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Revolver in scale 1:2-1:2,5

miniature model Nagant revolver in 1895, modification 1930. (Scale 1:2).
miniature model Nagant revolver in 1895, modification 1930. (Scale 1:2).

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Nagant revolver in 1895, modification 1930.

The Nagant Revolver was designed and produced by a Belgian industrialist, Léon Nagant. It was adopted, in various forms, by the police and military services of Sweden (as M1887 in 7.5 mm caliber), Norway (as M1893), Poland, France (in 8 mm) and Greece (as Peristrofon M1895), among others. The most famous user though was Russia, who adopted it as the model of 1895.

In 1930, the heirs of the Nagant brother's sold the rights (which they no longer owned) and machinery for the Russian Nagant M1895 model to Russia's perceived enemy, Poland. Here, it was made from 1930 to 1936 at Radom. The Russians (and later, Soviets) continued to manufacture this revolver, almost-unchanged, at Tula Weapon Factory (and much later at the Izhevsk Weapon Factory) until between 1945 and 1950. And except for slightly different front sight blades, grips, cylinder latch, and lanyard rings, the Nagant Model 1895 revolver stayed basically unchanged for six decades. In fact there was never a different model or sub-model designation for the revolver.

Miniature of Nagant revolver modification 1930 in scale 1:2
Length - 115 mm.
Width - 20 mm.
Height - 66 mm.
Caliber - 2,8 mm.
Capasity - 6
Nagant revolver fires MP-7 ammunition.

Materials: weapon steel, handle - walnut.
Processing: locksmithing work, bluing.

Revolver in scale 1:2-1:2,5:

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